Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Architecture in the Mountains (Grand Lake, CO)

Working in the mountains is inspiring. It can also be challenging. Out latest high country project is set on a steep site at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, overlooking the town of Grand Lake, Colorado. An inspiring site, but, with a daunting grade change, a worthy challenge. Throw in a megalithic rock and a strict budget and the challenges multiply.
House by the Rock, Grand Lake, Colorado. 

The rock, about the size of a "tiny house", sits partially in the building envelope and partially in the setback area. Incorporating it into the structure was a tempting option, but its position was not amenable to that approach. Instead, we used the geographical feature to form a sort of entry court at the front door. Our name for the design, House by the Rock, embraces the rock as a welcome natural element. It also pays homage to one of our favorite renegade works of architecture, Alex Jordan's House on the Rock. Also in mind was a project by Frank Lloyd Wright we have always admired: the Hardy House.  
Front and rear elevations.

The rear of the house is stabilized by a series of retaining walls and terraces with a cantilevered balcony above. Three levels of outdoor living "rooms" (the upper deck, lower terrace, and hot tub patio) look out on the primary views.  All major interior spaces also focus on the panorama of mountains, lakes, and forest. 
Groundbreaking is scheduled for the spring of 2021. 

The eponymous rock.
Surveying the site. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hardy House, located in Racine, WI.
Illustration by Marion Mahoney. 


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