Thursday, March 24, 2016

Architecture on the Cover

I am pleased to report that a recent project by my office has made the cover of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.
April 2016 issue. 
The April 2016 issue focuses on outdoor living. We designed this home in Cherry Hills, Colorado to wrap around and focus on a beautiful pool, spa, and patios. The article (written by Rebecca Gart, photos by Emily Minton Redfield) compares the home to a "five-star resort."  In a sense, this is what we strive to accomplish with all of our residential projects. Why shouldn't our homes feel as welcoming and exciting as a vacation place? A retreat from the ordinary world into one of accommodation and comfort. The author of the piece interviewed me for the article. One quote she chose is something I stand by as my design ethos:
There should never be a conflict between aesthetics and function. Solve the function first, and then figure out the most beautiful way to express that.
We work to achieve that goal in all of our work.

Thank you to Colorado Homes and Lifestyles for featuring our work.

Clients: Hud and Carol Karshmer
Interior Designer: Jill Firkins
Builder: Dick Tanner, Northbrook Consulting LLC