Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Modern Architecture Tour in Denver

Our entry in the Denver Modern Home Tour, 3300 South Dahlia.
The second annual Denver Modern Home Tour is coming up on Saturday, June 2nd. Once again, we are honored to have one of our projects included: 3300 South Dahlia.
The tour is sponsored by Modern Home Tours, LLC based in Austin, Texas. Modern Home Tours was founded by partners Matt Swinney and James Leasure.  Through interesting and informative tours in dozens of cities across the United States and Canada, they invite people into some of the most exciting examples of Modern architecture and design in the nation.  The tours present the opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of home design.
The Modern Home Tours website says, "We love Modern.  Modern design, Modern architecture, modern living.  More than just an aesthetic, 'Modern' embodies new construction techniques and materials, and new ways of addressing old problems.  'Modern' is not just what you live in, but how you live. From attainability to sustainability, the singular thread that connects 'Modern' is an outlook that embraces new possibilities in living and lifestyle."
As of December 2011, Modern Home Tours has added former managing editor and now contributing editor for Architectural Record,  Ingrid Spencer, to the team. Acting as a consultant and expert on modern architecture and design, Ingrid helps to curate the homes on all of the Modern Home Tours and provides guidance to ensure that modern design is constantly at the forefront of each tour.
3300 South Dahlia.

Check out their website for more information on tour project, tickets, and maps:
Rob Munger