Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Architecture Article

Colorado Expressions
When it rains it pours. The work of my office is appearing in two local publications this month. The first is Colorado Homes and Lifestyles (see March 24, 2016 blog entry). Now a second project is featured in  Colorado Expressions, published by Terry Vitale. Soon a third project will be featured in Luxe. I'm being interview for that article on Monday.

The project in Colorado Expressions was a great opportunity to transform a dowdy 4000 square foot condo into a modern pied-a-terre. All interior walls were ripped out and we untied the knots of a convoluted, boxy floor plan. The article does not show the floor plan changes, but I think that tells the complete story of how radical the changes were:
Architecture by Michael Knorr.
We worked with interior designer Karyn McGowan, a frequent collaborator on our projects who always seems to "get it." The article was written by Claudia Carbone with photography by Ron Ruscio.
Living area.

Floor plan graphics by Kelly Morgan
Photography by Ron Ruscio