Friday, October 7, 2011

What Does Steve Jobs Have To Do With Architecture?

This is a blog about architecture. So, what does Steve Jobs have to do with architecture?

Steve Jobs
The primary link is not technical innovation. (The PC has been as widely-used by architects as the Mac, if not more so.) Steve Jobs' lasting contribution to our world is design excellence. Apple products are distinguished from the competition because they are designs that get people excited about using technology. From the iMac to the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad, Steve Jobs created irresistibly attractive products that people crave. Steve Jobs made design cool. That is what Steve Jobs had to do with architecture.  Steve Jobs demonstrated that design -- all design -- matters. We are better for it in all areas where design is a factor. Design has moved from something elitist to something cool. All fields of design benefit from this, including architecture. Steve Jobs insisted on great design, ease of use, and a swaggering style accessible to all. In some way this has helped architects present their case for good design. Does good architecture make a difference? Of course it does, because good design always makes a difference. The evidence is readily available in the success of Apple. We owe thanks to Steve Jobs for providing that proof. 

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