Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Renzo Piano, Architect

1. Interior, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Among the best architects working today is Renzo Piano. He is Italian, but practices internationally. He captured my attention with his work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Another of his designs - the addition to the Chicago Art Institute - also has brilliant effects. But, most of all, I like this quote from the current issue of Time magazine. When asked what any person could do to any average home to make it a better place, Renzo Piano replied

2. Exterior, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

"Throw away some of the furniture, paint everything white, clean the windows and see if you can make them wider. It's about luminosity."

That is one thing you certainly experience in Renzo Piano's architecture: luminosity. Perhaps that is a quality too often lacking in most buildings.
3. Chicago Art Institute. 
1. nlamore
2. Caroline Culler
3. Amerique

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