Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Architectural Model of Monticello

Paper model of Thomas Jefferson"s Monticello.
I got a nice email from Robert Anderson in Los Angeles. He noticed my list of "top ten works of architecture" which includes Thomas Jefferson's Monticello:
I came across your top ten list of buildings and saw that we share a high regard for Monticello. I have designed an inexpensive, museum-quality paper model of Monticello based on the HABS drawings and I am trying to get out the word to Jefferson aficionados. I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out my website and consider adding the link on your top ten page. I designed the model over many months when my daughter was sick to take my mind off of things. I think the end result does justice to Jefferson's architectural genius. I hope you will agree.
By the way, your designs are impressive too!
Best regards,
Robert Anderson
Los Angeles 

I have also added Mr. Anderson's link to the sidebar.

If any reader orders and assembles this paper model, let me know how it turns out. Pictures would be great too.


  1. i am building monticello in mincraft and possibly other famous president's houses i ope you like that i am 11.

    1. Awesome.... When I was 11 I built the paper version. That was the 1970s and computer modeling software was not even imagined.

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